Massimo Raimondo's is a story of tenacity and passion. He was born and raised in Como, a city with a recognized artisan memory, dealing with tradition and the search for innovation in the tailoring field. And he was very young when he opened his first shop, taking an all uphill road.

The innate talent, the love for one's work mixed with a strong personality do the rest, allowing Massimo to establish himself in the city as a reference figure in the field of men's clothing.

Our Made to Measure and Ceremony suits, with a refined cut and unmistakable quality, are appreciated by many political personalities, as well as by important names in the city's entrepreneurship and esteemed professionals. And by all those who want something beautiful, made to last.

Today our Concept Store bases its most authentic meaning on the aesthetic research of dexterity and craftsmanship, expressive elements that are indispensable for us. A fusion point between industry and craftsmanship, our clothes are made to last over time.