"For me, tailoring is the search for balance, the only tool to achieve the perfection of beauty on the body. My challenge is to apply it constantly".

Tailoring is the keyword that best defines the style of a Ray Ceremony Dress. Wearing one of our garments means choosing a unique style, quality and rigor: exclusive lines capable of making the wishes of those who rely on our experience come true. Each dress is personalized and adapted to the type of person as well as the tone of the ceremony . At the base there is always a classic style and a unique sartorial imprint. From suits to tuxedos, from wedding suits to wedding dresses: our collections are a mix of elegance, refinement and unique details. Every detail is essential, each collection offers a wardrobe full of iconic details and essential must-haves. The jacket, the waistcoat, the bow tie, the lapels, the cufflinks tell of a continuous search for beauty in balance with craftsmanship for a Ceremony Suit that can go beyond the classic concept of the Men's Suit. Ceremony suits, whole or separate, dark colors that revolve around light ones with a very high profile style and rare elegance . A Ceremony Dress designed for you speaks not only of a personal style, but above all of the character of the wearer. Yours.